6 Must-Try Food Delivery In The West, One North, Bukit Timah, West Coast

At Ryde, community and morality are the heart of what we do. In an extension to Ryde Supports Hawkers – where we supported older hawkers by buying lunch for our drivers, we want to champion our local small businesses who are facing the same challenges.

Calling out all west siders who are always fretting over what to eat or what to order when you’re home. If you’re tired of the list of merchants on delivery platforms, try these local restaurants on this list. Support them by ordering directly from these merchants so that they would not have to pay high commission rates of 20 – 35% from delivery platforms.

1. T.K Kitchen – Paofan Paradise

T.K (Tong Kian) Kitchen is a Zi Char restaurant in Teban Gardens that specializes in Hong Kong Pao Fan, which is basically submerged rice. It consists of rice grains that are first steamed, then steeped in a savory seafood broth and finished with a generous sprinkling of crunchy fried rice puffs. Their popular items include the Flower Crab Pao Fan ($38, serves up to 3 pax) – a combination of lightness and richness from the sweet broth with a burst of flavour from the fragrant fried rice is definitely a must-try.

Give a shot at their take on Ipoh Hor Fun ($6 for Small) which is both savory and sweet. It is also fragranced with pork lard and wok hey which gives chinese food a distinctive flavour. Reviews also rave about their Fish Head Curry ($24, serves up to 3 pax) where they use a special blend of Indian curry powder for it to taste so authentic and spicy.

If you’re looking to satisfy your craving for chinese food with good wok hey or even to satisfy your craving for Pao Fan – T.K Kitchen now offers islandwide delivery.

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
Address: 37 Teban Gardens Rd, #01-303, Singapore 600037
How To Order: Order via Whatsapp at +65 83307554

2. Singai Caters

Singai Caters is a home-based Indian food business that does bulk catering and home delivery islandwide. They have a good amount of reviews with returning customers raving about how reasonably priced their food is.

They are currently running a Weekend Special Nasi Lemak which both fried chicken and fish for only $5 per portion.

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
How To Order: Order via Whatsapp +65 88599568

3. W39 Bistro and Bakery

Those living in the west, especially Clementi, would have heard of W39 Bistro & Bakery. They are known for being pet friendly which means you can bring your furry friends along on your brunch date. Serving up a mixture of western and local delights, there is something for everyone here.

On top of that, they have a great selection of birthday cakes perfect for any celebration. We recommend trying their best selling W39 Super 6 Cake Set ($39) which features their top selling cake flavours like Ondeh Ondeh, Salted Caramel, Mister Chocolate, Pistachio Rose, Red Velvet and Chocolate Fudge, all in one platter!

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
Address: 39 Jalan Mas Puteh, Singapore 128637
How To Order: Order via call/Whatsapp at +65 96465372

4. Jimmy Monkey

Jimmy Monkey Cafe is nestled amongst lush greenery and set in an old conservation army barracks, it has a chilled-out ambience and decor, it is located at One-North. Jimmy Monkey Cafe is all about the good things we love in coffee and good food!

With a hearty repertoire of delicious all-day brunch, tasty sweet and savoury bites, raved-about coffee from their signature espresso blend ($6) and other single origin brews. You will not be short of options. The brunch menu begins from 8AM to 5PM featuring items such as Eggs and Toast ($10) and Eggs Sardou ($23). If you prefer something out of the brunch menu, they have tartines and pasta in the menu as well!

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
Address: #01-51 One-North Residences, 9 One-north Gateway, 138643
How To Order: Order by contacting them at +65 67778470

5. Revelry Cafe

A waffle specialty café tucked away in Bukit Timah, Revelry is where your to-go place for your waffles fix. It boasts a lively yet chill vibe that illuminates the street.

The Revelry Signature Burffle ($18) is made up of Belgian waffles and beef patties. In addition to the burffle, the next best-selling is the Chicken & Waffles($17) and the other savoury creation you have to try is the Prawn Avocado Tartare ($18.50). For a dessert option, we recommend the Monkey King ($16) – a dessert waffle with banana cake chunks, caramelised bananas, toasted walnuts and vanilla ice-cream.

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
Address: 21 Lor Kilat #01-02 Singapore 598123

How To Order: Order by contacting them at +65 9278 0466

6. Birdfolks

Sitting quietly just a little off the outskirts of Clementi and West Coast – Birdfolks shares their love for American-inspired fried chicken with a little twist of Asian! What it means is that they serve Nanyang Kopi with fried chicken. Fried chicken to them is a thick-crusted batter wrapped within a juicy piece of flavourful meat with uncommon combinations of spices used in Singapore.

Choices of fried chicken include Thigh and Drum ($12.90), Sweet Chilli Wings ($11.50) and 6 pieces of Fried Winglets & Drumlets ($9.90). Other items on the menu include their Signature Chicken Rice ($9.90) and the Oriental Chicken Rice ($8.90) which comes along with sous vide eggs and assorted greens.

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
Address: 1 West Coast Drive #01-75 NEWest Singapore 128020
How To Purchase: Order by contacting them at +65 69240876

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