6 Must-Try Singapore Home-based Food Caterers

At Ryde, community and morality are the heart of what we do. In an extension to Ryde Supports Hawkers – where we supported older hawkers by buying lunch for our drivers, we want to champion our local small businesses who are facing the same challenges.

Apart from the brick-and-mortar food stalls, buying from home businesses has since become the norm among Singaporeans – and for good reason. Besides supporting these humble side hustlers, you can order from these stores and dine in at the comfort of your own home! If you’re looking for yummy food to fill that tummy of yours, support local by ordering directly from these merchants so that they would not have to pay high commission rates of 20 – 35% from delivery platforms.

1. Miss Tumis

Miss Tumis is a Muslim owned home-based business specialised in Nasi Kerab. Their signature bright blue rice with chicken percik is both impressive and flavorful. A review on their Instagram page highlighted that the chicken was well marinated and the rempah had all the right spices. Other than Nasi Kerab, they also have Fish Percik Bento Set – All packed conveniently for your feasting pleasure!

Miss Tumis also offers platters that are great for family dinners and get-togethers. Do DM them for the prices and order ahead of time as they have a waiting list.

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
How To Order: Order via their Instagram

2. Mr Singh Eats

A home-based business and a certified food handler, Mr Singh Eats serves up quality Indian food and Thai bento boxes! We hear that the taste and smell is tantalizing, some say it’s the best home cooked food out there.

Their menu items include Thai Crab Fried Rice ($15), a Thai styled spicy fried rice cooked with succulent Crab Claw meat (good for 2 pax) and Tom Yum Soup Chicken ($8) that is a special blend of Tom Yum paste. Straw mushrooms, baby corn and long beans with chicken. They also have a vegetarian option of Tom Yum Soup ($8).

Do note that they have a minimum order of 2 sets for delivery and delivery fees of $8 apply islandwide. Self pick up is available at Yishun with no minimum order.

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
How To Order: Order via their Instagram

3. Bekalmama

Started in 2020, Bekal Mama is a food delivery service in Singapore serving Malay food cooked lovingly straight from a mother’s heart. What makes it special is that it has a weekly menu, which means there is something new to look forward to each week.

Some of its popular dishes include the mutton steak (from S$19) – A succulent mutton steak with bone marrow that comes with a side of French loaves and Nasi Ambeng ($12.90 per pax), the ultimate sharing platter. Their Nasi Ambeng is typically served during festive occasions with the spirit to promote a sense of fellowship while sampling the numerous individual dishes like opor ayam, rendang, acar, serunding, sambal tumis, bergedil, and sambal goreng.

Their version of Katong laksa ($7.90 per pax) also deserves a shout out with its thick rich spicy coconut broth served with thick wheat noodles, fishballs, prawns, tofu and egg.

Bekalmama offers islandwide delivery at $9 for lunch and dinner orders.

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
How To Order: Order via Whatsapp at +65 98266648

4. Wild Bento

Wild Bento is a family operation, with mom as the chef, dad assisting, and the kids handling operation and customer service. The recipe for their Chicken curry was passed down through generations. The Wild Curry with Prata ($9.90) comes with 3 pieces of fresh chicken (mixture of tight & drum) as well as a Handmade Scallion Pancake that is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

One of their most recent reviews on Instagram reveals that the prawn & fish dumplings are filled with generous chunks of prawns and bound together with fish meat. It also mentions that the braised pork belly was cooked just right with the fat tender and melting, while the entire chunk still retained its structural integrity.

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
How To Order: Order via their Instagram

5. Ma Baker

Ma Baker is a home-based bakery that sells both savoury and dessert pies. Their best-seller savory pie is the Hey Chickie ‘Room ‘Room ($42 for 10″) – a classic cream-based mushroom chicken pie. This family-sized goodness is filled to the brim with juicy and tender chicken chunks, topped with swiss brown button mushrooms and an assortment of vegetables. It is infused with the essence of Premium Quality Porcini Mushroom to elevate the earthly and woody umami, giving you the ultimate classic chicken pie experience. Hey Chickie ‘Room ‘Room is also available in individual serving size ($36 for a set of 4).

If you’re looking for something sweet, try their Pineapple Sunshine ($20) – their first dessert pie on the menu which is an interpretation of a pineapple flan, with a little kick from the rum we added, plus a little something else, it is almost a mini cocktail in your mouth.

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
How To Order: Order via their Instagram

6. Papa Yong

Papa Yong is a food-delivery only business that offers homemade specialties such as Fried Oyster Cakes and Spicy Vinegar Pork Trotters.

Their signature Spicy Vinegar Pork Trotters ($14.90) if good for 2 pax and comes with 2 eggs and 2 quail eggs. Their Fish Maw Soup ($4.90) is a hearty bowl of rich chicken broth served with fish maw, mushrooms and shredded toppings such as scallops, chicken & crab sticks. Reviews on Instagram also gave the thumbs up for their fried oyster cake ($10 for 4 pieces) – A deep fried batter filled with minced pork, oysters, prawns and celery, topped with peanuts and anchovies.

Do note that orders will be closed every Tuesday for deliveries on Saturday. For large orders of more than $200, please IG DM them at least 1 month in advance.

Socials: Instagram
How To Order: Order by filing up the form here

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