Announcing service updates to our platform

Here at Ryde, we have been working on better improvements within our app to accommodate our riders everyday. Starting from 14th August 2020, Ryde will be introducing a $0.30 (inclusive of GST) platform fee. 

By doing so, we will be able to serve the rider community better with new app features and a more efficient service. It will be rolled out progressively to all riders on our platform. 

Calculating platform fees


A fixed fee of $0.30* will be automatically added in all successfully booked trips and will be included in the total fare at the end of each trip. This $0.30* surcharge will apply to all Ryde services: RydeSEND, RydeX, RydeXL, RydeFLASH, RydePOOL,RydeEXEC & RydeHIRE. 


Drivers will not be charged for the platform fee. However, a $0.30* deduction will be included in each trip fare breakdown. This is because the amount of $0.30 is automatically precluded in the total fare of each trip:

Total fare – platform fee = Actual fare  

Trip fare breakdown

  • $10.00 – Total Fare

  • $0.30 – Platform fee

  • $0.97 – Service fee (10% of $9.70)

  • $1.27 – total due to Ryde

*Please note that the platform fee of $0.30 is inclusive of GST.