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Behind the Drive – Du Wei’s Take on Carpooling
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Behind the Drive – Du Wei’s Take on Carpooling


28 Sep Behind the Drive – Du Wei’s Take on Carpooling

Everyone loves interviews – celebrities, politicians, CEOs you name it.. and surprise surprise we do too!

Carpooling may be new to some and to showcase what carpooling is about – We will be holding a series of interviews with REAL drivers and riders to hear about their perspective on carpooling

This week we will be having Du Wei – a driver works for a power energy solution MNC who will tell us more about his experience carpooling


Hi Du Wei! Thanks for coming down for an interview – perhaps you would like to introduce yourself to our readers?

I am an easy going person and enjoy making new friends. Besides enjoying my work, I like to visit gym, play golf with friends and my current TV shows are “Voice of China” and “Criminal Minds”.  


So how do you find carpooling thus far? Was it something new for you?

Carpooling was definitely new to me and natural human behavior dictates that we should be wary of things that we are unsure of – especially when there’s a stranger in my car! To be honest,  I was initially concerned about safety (like every other Singaporeans) and was afraid that unfortunate things could happen.

Nonetheless, I believe you never know till you try – so I took the leap  and I have never looked back since! Not only is carpooling through RYDE safe, it turned out to be fun as well!

By meeting new riders, I get attuned to the latest fashion trends and learn which movies to avoid. Among them, I even received dating tips from girls telling me how to catch their attention!


Do you think Singapore is ready for carpooling?

Honestly, I do think Singapore is ready for carpooling. Firstly, the cost of owning a car in Singapore is high (eg. COE) so carpooling is a way for drivers to offset a portion of the cost. Secondly, our public transportation is usually congested during peak hour, thus if there’s a way for people to travel in comfort but yet pay a fraction of the cost – I don’t see why people will be against it

Lastly, everyone in Singapore owns a smartphone! So the access is already there. Thus, once people start to understand the concept of carpooling, carpooling will take off and I can’t wait for that day to come.


We can’t wait too! Any final thoughts before we leave you to your coffee?:)

Well I work for a power energy solution MNC and I strongly believe in saving the environment. Personally I hope more people would take up carpooling as it helps reduce our own personal carbon footprint, thus saving the environment from further pollution and doing our part for future generations.

We all need to work together to save mother nature.
And with that..I’m going to have my coffee now. Thanks for interviewing me!

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