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Behind the Ride - Nadiah Take on Carpooling as a Rider
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Behind the Ride – Nadiah’s Take on Carpooling


10 Sep Behind the Ride – Nadiah’s Take on Carpooling

Everyone loves interviews – celebrities, politicians, CEOs you name it.. and surprise surprise we do too!
Carpooling may be new to some and to showcase what carpooling is about – We will be holding a series of interviews with REAL drivers and riders to hear about their perspective on carpooling




Hi! Thanks for accepting our lovely interview session. Maybe you could start by telling us a little bit more about yourself?

Hello! I’m Nadiah. I just graduated from NUS (yay!) and I’ll be heading to the US in a couple of months to further my studies and to backpack as well. Really looking forward to that!

Personally, I’m a petrolhead and I love cars –  you can usually spot me around with my mechanic friends who are always modifying their cars and blinging them up. It’s unusual for girls I think but so be it!


We are a carpooling app as you know – could you tell us what are your thoughts on carpooling in general?

Honestly, I think of carpooling as a win-win situation for both drivers and riders. Most people drive with their cars empty but whether someone’s in the car or not, the journey will still have to be made. So why not carpool and get reimbursed for your efforts? As for a rider, it’s quite clear that carpooling is a cheaper alternative vs taxis so that’s also a win.


Do you think the future is now for carpooling in Singapore? and if it’s a viable form of transport for the masses?

Carpooling is definitely for Singapore. What’s required is high density traffic (which we clearly ‘enjoy’) and a large pool of vehicles during peak hours. In that sense, we clearly meet these requirements.

What is lacking though is education – Singaporeans are unfamiliar with the concept of carpooling (especially for those born after the 1980’s and yes I’m one of them)

We need to educate people about the benefits of carpooling, and the reduction in overall costs should they carpool. Once Singaporeans understand what carpooling is about, I think we will see a huge spike in numbers and possibly, a new alternative mode of transport!


As you know, you are one of the early adopters to our app! What was your initial impression with RYDE?

Well it’s really easy to use that’s one. All I have to do is to enter my destination of choice and voila! I’ll just have to wait to see if there’s a driver around who is going the same way. But beyond that, I like the fact that RYDE ensures every driver and rider is verified. As a lady, I wouldn’t want to carpool without knowing that their profile is real.


How was your experience carpooling for the first time and who was the driver you carpooled with?

It was a result of circumstance that led to my first carpooling experience. The entire train system was down that day, there were no taxis available and buses were packed to the brim.

A friend of mine recommended me to give RYDE a try and that’s what I did. Five minutes later, I was making friends with a financial analyst and I got home in record time (quicker than taking the MRT). He was also a shopaholic who recommended a number of online shops that I should check out!

That’s great! Happy to hear you got home in record time. How has it been since?

I’ve been requesting for rides everyday and have been getting quite a few. Here’s to more!


Many thanks for taking the time out of your business schedule to accommodate our little interview session! Would you like to add any points
I look forward to the day when the RYDE network is big enough to ensure a hit for every request! Can definitely be done!

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