Code of conduct

Code of Conduct
4 Simple rules to a better ride
Safety First

Ryde Driver-Partners are to adhere to driving rules and regulations at all times. Examples of this would be for drivers to keep to speed limits, obey road signs and to keep masks on during the whole ride. Additionally, Driver-Partners should refrain from using their phones while on the road.

Passengers should have their masks and seatbelts on. When travelling with a child below the height of 1.35m, parents and/or guardians are required to ensure that the child is secured with a child restraint appropriate for their height and weight.

Additionally, we strongly encourage our riders to practice general safety and prudence such as ensuring their pets stay within the car and to keep the windows rolled up during the entire RydePET ride, among others.

Be Punctual

Please travel directly to the rider’s pick-up location once you have accepted the trip.

Be prepared to wait for the driver at the pick-up location once you have matched with a driver to avoid being charged the Cancellation and Waiting Time fees.


Drop your passenger a message to let them know you are on your way along with your estimated time of arrival. Upon arrival, confirm the destination with your passenger.

Drop your driver a message to acknowledge the upcoming trip and add in any details to help them navigate to your specific pick up point better. Furthermore, if you have additional requests such as going via a preferred travel route, do communicate this with the driver and come to a mutual agreement prior to starting the trip. This will help facilitate a smoother ride!

Mutual Respect

Be kind to your passenger.

Physical and verbal assault or harassment is not tolerated on our platform. Please avoid passing any comments on anyone’s appearance or make any remarks on race, religion or other forms of personal beliefs.

Contacting your passenger after the trip has ended is strictly prohibited.

Be nice to your driver and thank them after the ride.

Give your driver a compliment on their service if you think they have given you a pleasant ride!

Alternatively, if your driver was less than excellent, do leave a respectful and constructive comment so that they may improve. Please avoid slurs, or personal insults.