Driver Performance and Community Standards

Pax Adjustment

Ryde is an open platform that allows drivers to access more earning opportunities. We aim to always deliver a great Ryde experience for riders and to run operations in a fair and transparent manner for our driver partners. To this end, we monitor driver performance automatically by driver metrics such as driver ratings, cancellation rates, reviews and account activity.

Conditions where driver accounts will be liable for suspension:

Driver Rating (DR) < 4.80
Cancellation Rate (CR)> 17.0%
Adverse RatingsDrivers who receive poor ratings for errant behaviour.
Minimum Acceptance Rate (AR)We do not have a minimum AR criteria
Fraudulent Activity Drivers who overcharge riders and/or complete the trip without the rider on board.
Dormant AccountDid not complete at least one trip within a 6 month period.

Driver Rating (DR)

Driver ratings are automatically calculated based on BOTH past and recent reviews given by riders. This ensures that ratings and reviews reflect drivers recent performance. All new driver ratings start from 4.70. Driver ratings are automatically adjusted after the first 11th unique review. All reviews will be shown after 7 days

Cancellation Rate (CR)

Driver CR increases after accepting bookings and then cancelling them thereafter. We strongly advise drivers to only accept jobs that they can fulfill. Do not worry about rider no-shows in our driver CR requirements as we have catered for a buffer based on statistical data for these unfortunate events. We will reset the CR based on the most recent trips as well. We believe this system will give riders a better Ryde experience.

Fraudulent Activity

Drivers who overcharge riders and/or complete the trip without the rider on board maybe liable to suspension as Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms automatically detect suspicious driver activity.

Re-activation of Suspended Driver Account

All suspended drivers will be sent an electronic invoice to their registered email address to pay a $25 reactivation fee. Driver accounts will be reactivated within 12 hours of payment and money in the driver’s RydeWallet will also be held till then. Upon reactivation, DR will be reset to 4.70% and CR reset to 0%.

Repeated failure to abide by Ryde community standards will lead to permanent suspension from Ryde platform.

Dormant Account

All driver accounts must be active in the last 6 months, that is to complete at least one trip within a 6 month period. The reason we are doing this is to enhance platform security by ensuring our driver base remains current. This is to prevent compromising driver accounts, to eliminate fraud and to reduce maintenance costs.

Drivers who are not able to log in after 6 months of inactivity must appeal by writing in to [email protected].Driver accounts will be reactivated within 24 hours upon successful appeal. Drivers need to pay an administrative fee of $15 for reactivation. The fee will be deducted directly from the driver wallet. Drivers will then have their DR and CR reset to 4.70 and 0% respectively.

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