RYDE MATCHES 1 FOR 1 – Driver Point to Point Support Package

On 13 February 2020 the Government, together with the taxi and PHC operators and driver associations launched a $77 million Point-to-Point Support Package (PPSP) to help taxi and PHC drivers affected by the coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak. Ryde is committed to supporting the initiative and our drivers by launching a Ryde Support Package for all private-hire and taxi drivers to increase their incomes. 

1. Government Special Relief Fund (SRF)

Financial payout of up to $70 per week per vehicle

Ryde private-hire drivers can receive $70 per week per vehicle if they meet LTA’s eligibility requirements. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/govSRFrequirements. There are no additional requirements imposed by Ryde. Taxi drivers will receive payouts through their taxi operators and need not apply through Ryde.

2. Ryde Matches SRF: 1 for 1

Financial payout of up to $70 per week per vehicle

Ryde will match the government’s SRF contribution 1 for 1. Ryde private-hire drivers will receive another payout of $70 per week if they qualify for the government’s SRF requirements and if they make a minimum of 200 trips per month on the Ryde platform from March to May 2020. Ryde private-hire drivers will receive their payouts at the end of each month. 

3. 0% Commission

0% Service Fees for RydeX and RydeTAXI Services

Ryde has extended 0% commission for RydeX and RydeTaxi services till 30 June in solidarity with the government’s Resilience Budget package. All private-hire and taxi drivers are eligible for the 0% commission. There is no minimum trip requirement.

*3% transaction fee applies for ALL transactions (both RydePAY and cash) to cover costs with immediate effect.

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