Ryde Education Merit Awards 2021 – Supporting Our Drivers Through Bursaries For Students

Ryde Education merit Awards 2021

Mission Statement

Ryde believes in the importance of being involved in the local community and part of that stems from giving back to our drivers and their families.

In recognition of the drivers who spend most of their time away from their loved ones to serve our local community, Ryde is offering this Education Merit Award that will support our drivers in their children’s educational expenses.

In doing so, we hope to foster youths of tomorrow who have a passion for creating a sustainable future through technology and are game-changers who aspire to digitize and transform the cities we live in.

Rewards & Perks

Prize Recipients will be entitled to the following prizes (in correspondence to their educational level):

Study Level Primary Secondary Tertiary University
Number Of Recipients 3 1 1 1
Cash Prize SGD500 SGD700 SGD1,000 SGD1,200
RydeCoins Credited SGD200 SGD200 SGD200
Tech Prize Kindle Kids/Basic
AirPods Pro + iPadAir + Apple Pencil [SGD1,447]
OR Macbook Air [SGD1,449]

In recognition of distinguished candidates, we would also be extending to five candidates (who were shortlisted) an Appreciation Award in the form of:

$150 Cash (Into Student Bank Account)

$150 RydeCoins (Student Account)

All candidates who receive and accept the award will also receive an acknowledgement certificate as the recipient of the award.

Ryde Education merit Awards 2021 Timeline

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