RYDE for Business – Manage Business Expenses And Transportation Claims With Your Ryde Business Profile


Bringing you a whole new level of convenience with our new Corporate Account Feature – Ryde For Business

What is RYDE for Business?

Had enough of collecting individual receipts for transportation claims? RYDE is here with its newest feature – RYDE for Business, to help you manage your various travel expenses – from your corporate transportation to claimable package deliveries.

RYDE for business helps manage the billing and tracking of RYDE transactions and aims to boost efficiency and productivity by saving time and effort in reporting your monthly transport expenses. With this new feature, you can set policies and payments, manage employees by groups and gain reporting insights on your company’s travel expenses through RYDE.

Seamless Setup

Setup your business profile in just 30 seconds!

Easy Tagging

Easily switch between Personal and Business trip tags leading up to your statement being sent out.

Automated Monthly Statements

Get a statement in your e-mail every month for all your trips tagged as ‘business’.

How do I use RYDE for Business?

Travelling could be a hassle if you’re struggling to keep the receipts for your claims. RYDE for Business is designed to simplify the process of corporate claims. To start off, add a Business Profile on your account.

Step 1: Tap the Menu button > Business Profile Tab

Step 2: Enter the email address that is linked to your company

Step 3: Monthly statement will be sent to verified email

Just like that! You will be all set up and ready to begin tagging your trip as business trips.

What can I do with the Business Profile?

With a Business Profile, you will be able to organize your trips! Be it a personal trip or a business trip, sort them out by simply tagging them upon booking or after your ride.

Trips that are tagged “business” will be reflected in the monthly statement and sent to your email on the second day of the month. You would be able to download a compiled statement from the email and submit it for claims!

Expect your monthly statements in 3 Steps
Anytime before End of Month

User can tag their trips as ‘Personal’ or ‘Business’

1st of Next Month

Cut-off to make any changes to trip tagging

2nd of Next Month

Monthly statement sent to business email

Before making good use of this new feature, here are some points to take note of:

  • Ryde for Business is a profile within your existing account.
  • If you have tagged a multiple stop trip as a “Business” trip, all drop off points will be shown on the monthly business statement.
  • We recommend you to tag your trip accordingly prior to booking a Ryde!
  • For more information, please visit our FAQ page on RYDE for Business here.

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