RydeLUXE – A Luxurious Way To Ride


What Is RydeLUXE?

RydeLUXE caters to the ultra-luxury market of business executives, tourists and premium customers, allowing them to travel with professional drivers in six-seater vehicles such as the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire. RydeLUXE services are available islandwide and only professional drivers with the highest ratings are allowed to accept RydeLUXE jobs.

Supports Multi-stop

Make a booking for up to 3 stops.

Service Excellence

Only professional drivers with the highest ratings will be allowed to accept RydeLUXE jobs.

Alphard and Vellfire Vehicles only

Enjoy your ride in comfort with six-seater vehicles such as the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire.

How do I make a booking for RydeLUXE?

To book a RydeLuxe trip, follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Tap on the RydeLUXE icon in the RYDE App.

Step 2: Fill in the details of your pick up and drop off point.

Step 3: Book your RydeLUXE trip!

RydeLUXE For Business Profiles

Whether you are booking for your business travel, or picking up business partners, you can tag your trips as ‘Business’ to receive a consolidated monthly statement. This feature was designed to simplify the process of corporate claims. For more information on this, click here.

Who Can Accept RydeLUXE Trips?

Approved PDVL holders from Ryde are eligible to accept RydeLUXE trips. RydeLUXE emphasizes on service excellence for the passengers while drivers can earn as they deserve. To ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all, please see below for the criterias to be met as a RydeLUXE driver:

  • Private-Hire/Taxi-Licensed Driver.
  • Toyota Alphard and Vellfire Vehicles only.
  • Minimum Trips Taken: 20 Unique Trips
  • Driver Rating: ≥ 4.93
  • Cancellation Rate: ≤ 9%
Tips for RydeLUXE Users:

  • Children are allowed on board RydeLUXE. However, please note that any passengers under 1.35m will require a booster seat or child restraint, by law.
  • Please be careful with food and drinks on board as riders will be subjected to a $140 cleaning fee if the mess requires professional cleaning.
  • Be polite to our drivers too, they are on the roads for a long period of time. A simple greeting will make their day!
Be Careful With Food And Drinks

Riders are subjected to up to $140 payable to drivers if the mess requires professional cleaning to remove. E.g. A permanent / semi-permanent stain, vomiting etc. It is advised that both parties take a photo of the mess made in the vehicle as proof, in case of any disputes.

If the rider is unable to make payment immediately, please come to a mutual agreement with the driver.

If both parties are unable to reach a mutual agreement, the driver will provide the cleaning receipt to Ryde and Ryde will contact the rider. The rider will be suspended from making another trip booking with Ryde until the payment is received.

For more information, read our FAQ Page here.

Make Your RydeLUXE Booking Now!

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