RydeSEND Guidelines for delivery-partners

Applying to become a RydeSEND delivery-partner

Anyone who has a bicycle, motorbike or car is welcome to drive for RydeSEND. RydeSEND is an on-demand door to door delivery service.

To protect parcel items against being damaged or lost during delivery, delivery-partners will need to place a $100 deposit before they start driving with us. The deposit is also refundable* at any time.

You can start applying in the driver app and clicking on the RydeSEND icon.

*Deposit refunds will take up to 30 days to be processed. A 5% administration fee will also be charged.

What you will be delivering

You will mostly be delivering food takeaways, clothing, documents and other small parcels.

Delivery routes

Delivery-partners that have accepted a RydeSEND job should complete the trip before accepting other jobs.

You will also need to deliver within 50 minutes after pickup.

Order Stacking

You may accept up to two delivery orders from the same restaurant if they are ready at the same time and have delivery addresses near to each other. In most cases, you should only accept one order at a time.

Parking Fees

Delivery-partners are responsible for all parking charges.