Star Driver Spotlight – C. Jr


We’d like to introduce our ‘Star Driver’, who wishes to be known as ‘C. Jr’! He has maintained a stellar record for his ratings and has also received glowing reviews from many passengers. We were lucky to be able to get a hold of him amidst his hectic schedule and ask him some questions. As a small token of appreciation, we were also glad to present him with $200 and a Ryde T-Shirt!

RHi C. Jr, tell us more about yourself and your experience with us!

C Before driving full time, I spent 7 years in the Air Force after completing university. My experiences and the mentality that I developed there have been useful, as being a Private-Hire Driver requires me to interact with people often and be resilient.

RWhy drive for Ryde?

C The bonuses and being able to choose the jobs I want to fulfill.

RName an interesting encounter you had on the job.

C Two passengers were having a small disagreement about ‘cheating in relationships’. When they couldn’t reach a conclusion, they asked for my opinion and I eventually got roped into the discussion! Made the drive a lot more interesting.

RMind sharing some tips with our Driver-Partners?

C Firstly, make sure you minimize the amount of time your vehicle is without a passenger. A vehicle without a passenger is earnings lost. Secondly, as much as possible, do not neglect short trips because there is always the possibility that a much better trip will take place along the route after you have completed it.

RWhat are your aspirations?

C I want to work in Real Estate and am waiting for the situation to improve so I can finally take the examinations. In the longer term, I might even give entrepreneurship a try.

RIf you could say something to your fellow Driver-Partners, what would it be?

C There will definitely be some hard days lah. But patience is the key to this and remember to start your day with the end goal in mind.

Ryde wishes C. Jr the very best in his endeavors and it is our privilege to have someone like him driving with us. Keep up the good work!