Star Driver Spotlight – Neo


It was approximately 9PM when we managed to get in touch with Neo. From the get go, his selflessness was evident when he exclaimed through the phone, “Why are you still at work at this time? Let me pick you up and send you home!”. At that moment, we knew why he qualified as a Star Driver. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to meet up with Neo and present him with a Ryde T-Shirt and $200,as a small token of our appreciation.

RHey Neo, tell us a little bit about yourself!

N I was a technician before deciding to become a Private-Hire Driver. Those I’m close to know me as someone who is outgoing and I also enjoy movies and basketball.

RWhat made you decide to drive with Ryde?

N I once picked up a passenger, who happened to drive for Ryde and recommended I give the app a go. I was quite surprised to find that there was a demand for trips and that I can also choose the jobs I want! Have since recommended Ryde to a few others because of this.

RRecall an interesting encounter you had on the job.

N Okay, this is 100% true. I once dropped off a passenger in a crowded area. As I was about to unload his items from the trunk, the passenger suddenly shouted “You are the best driver I have ever had!”, and people turned to look! He also gave me a $5 cash tip.

RWhat inspires you?

N My family, always. I drive so that one day, I can be together with them in our dream home.

RAny tips you would like to share with our Driver-Partners?

N Drive the morning and evening peaks, and make the most out of the job list to strategize your trips according to the timings. Also, remember to keep sufficient change in your car, as there was one particular morning where several passengers paid me using $50 notes.

RAny words for your fellow Driver-Partners?

N Eat healthy and remember to have enough rest. Also, when faced with a difficult situation there is no point fighting fire with fire. Sometimes just being kind and patient is enough.

Thank you and keep up the good work, Neo! We’re lucky to have a Driver-Partner such as yourself with us.