Star Driver Spotlight – Rexy

Upon meeting Rexy for the first time, from the get-go, he seemed like a relatively reserved individual. Nonetheless, the more we got to know him, we realized beneath this quiet demeanour is an individual who is driven not only to provide for the ones he loves, but also to pursue his long term ambitions. We were glad to be able to meet up with Rexy and present him with a Ryde T-Shirt and $200, as a small token of our appreciation.

RHey Rexy, tell us more about yourself!

RX For several years, I was in the corporate world before deciding to become a Private-Hire Driver. I enjoy being able to choose the hours I work and I like how the amount I earn each month depends on me. Also at the end of a busy week, I look forward to winding down with an ice-cold pint of beer.

RWhy did you choose to drive with Ryde?

RX I’m sure several have already mentioned this, but it is because Ryde has a lot of jobs and I can choose the ones I want to take. The frequent bonuses also give me something that I can always work towards.

RCan you recall an interesting encounter you had on the job?

RX Hmm, nothing in particular lah but the trips I enjoy most are the ones where the passengers and myself realize that we share common interests. This is when conversations flow freely, and the positivity gives me the push to keep going throughout the day.

RWhat are your aspirations?

RX For the time being, being a Driver-Partner is a satisfactory source of income, so I shall continue driving for now. In the future, I want to venture into F&B by opening a restaurant that serves Thai food or perhaps even settle down in Thailand!

RMind sharing some tips with our Driver-Partners?

RX I wake up at 6am so I can make the most out out of the peak hours. Most of the strategies we use to maximize our earnings comes from experience lah. For example, it’s getting to know when the peak hours are and which areas have the highest demand for trips.

RIs there any message you would like to convey to your fellow Driver-Partners?

RX Consistency and hard work does pay off. Keep pressing on and don’t sweat the small stuff!

Keep up the good work, Rexy! We are fortunate to have you driving with us.

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