More Transparent & Fairer Pricing

In a bid to move towards a more transparent and a fairer pricing model, RYDE will be excluding ERP from all base fares shown to users from the 9th April 2020. Drivers will add additional ERP charges incurred during the journey to the base fare after trip completion.

Why Are We Doing This?

  • Transparent fares for users
  • Fairer pricing for drivers
  • Happier riders and drivers make for a better Ryde experience

How does it work?

At the end of the journey, drivers will key in the ERP charges incurred during the trip. An electronic receipt will be sent to your email address reflecting the breakdown of your fare and ERP charges.

What Riders need to know

Credit Card Transaction
Upon booking, there is a pre-authorization charge which includes the estimated ERP fee that may be incurred during your journey. 

(Eg. If base fare is $10 and estimated ERP is $3, the pre-authorised amount will hold $13)

Ryde Coin Transaction
Similarly, the pre-authorisation charge includes the estimated ERP charges that may be incurred during your journey. Riders with insufficient Ryde Coins upon booking will be required to top up their Ryde Coin wallet.

When your trip is successfully completed, the final fare will be adjusted to include the actual ERP amount. The final fare, including ERP charges, will be automatically deducted from either your credit card, debit card or from your Ryde Coins.

(Eg. If base fare is $10 and actual ERP is $1, the final fare will be $11 instead of the pre-authorised $13)

Cash Transaction
The driver will inform you of the ERP charges incurred and you pay the driver directly the full fare, base fare plus ERP charges.

What Drivers need to know

ERP chargeable forRydeFlash, RydeX, RydeXL, RydePet, RydeExec & RydeHire Trips
ERP not chargeable forRydePOOL (Per Pax) & RydeSend Trips

Collecting ERP
At the end of the trip, simply key in the ERP charges incurred during the journey. If you do not see the ‘Update Fare’ screen, DO NOT collect ERP from the Rider.

RydePay Transaction
Base Fare + ERP Charges will be automatically deducted from the rider’s RydePay wallet.

Cash Transaction
Do remember to collect the additional ERP charges from the rider before they alight from your car!

Fare Breakdown

Base FarePrice of entire trip
Toll ChargesERP charges
Total FareBase Fare + Toll Charges
Service Fee10% of base fare
Net EarningsBase Fare – Service Fee + Toll Charges

Example: You accepted a RydeX trip from Bedok to Orchard MRT and the fare shown is $10. At the end of your trip, the ERP charges amounted to $2. Your net earning will be $11.

Base Fare – Service Fee + Toll = Net earning
Therefore : $10 – $1 +$2 = $11

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