RydeSEND Express Delivery In Singapore – Food Delivery, Cake Delivery, Flower Delivery & More


What Is RydeSEND?

RydeSEND is an on-demand point to point delivery service for both business and personal delivery needs. Our aim is to minimise carbon footprint while keeping delivery costs low for users. Users can make a RydeSEND booking and have their items picked up and sent to an allocated receiver within 50 minutes*

In May 2021, a multi-stop feature was integrated, where users can send their items up to 3 different destinations in a single trip. Bookings with multiple destinations will have differing delivery windows. Delivery fees are calculated based on distance, time, and additional delivery-related cost such as surging from high demand.

Up to 3 stops
Deliver within 50 minutes for 1 location
On-demand, 24/7
What Can I Send?

With the convenience of RydeSEND, users can fulfil their delivery needs at any time of the day. Ryde drivers accept items which are under 5kg while its dimension is within 40cm (L) x 25cm (W) x 25cm (H). Customers can send fragile items (e.g. cakes, glassware, and musical instruments) and items which are susceptible to damages by bending at their own risk.

Ryde will not be liable for any damages related to such a delivery. Users are responsible for specifying precautions about such items when they place an order.

Please note that Ryde drivers do not accept the following items:

  • Illegal items (Drugs, firearms, etc.)
  • Radioactive materials
  • Flammable/ignitable/volatile items (fireworks, kerosene, gas canister
  • Poisonous/toxic items
  • Cash, cheque, credit and debit cards
  • Human remains
  • Public certificate/original works that cannot be reproduced
  • Leaking liquid content
  • Live animals & fish

How do I make a booking for RydeSEND?

To book a RydeSEND trip, follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Tap on the RydeSEND icon in the RYDE App.

Step 2: Fill in the details of the Sender and Receiver. (Address, Name and Contact Number)

Step 3: Book your RydeSEND trip!

RydeSEND For Business Profiles

If you are using RydeSEND to send or receive business documents and parcels, you can tag your trips as ‘Business’ to receive a consolidated monthly statement. This feature was designed to simplify the process of corporate claims. For more information on this, click here.

Tips on booking a RydeSEND trip!

  • Double check all indicated locations before booking as it cannot be amended.
  • Include unit numbers for a smoother delivery experience.
  • Remember to indicate the nature of the item in ‘Item Description’ to get better trip matches. (e.g. Food Item, Fragile)
  • Remember to tag the trip as “Business Trip”, if applicable, before or after your booking.
  • To be fair and considerate to our drivers, please note that the Weight limit of your item must be <5kg and Size limit of your item must be 40cm x 25cm x 25cm (L x W x H).
  • If you have tagged a multiple stop trip as a “Business” trip, all drop off points will be shown on the monthly business statement.
  • We recommend you to tag your trip accordingly prior to booking a Ryde!
  • For more information, read our FAQ Page here.

Make Your RydeSEND Booking Now!

What If The Intended Recipient Is Not Contactable?

If an intended recipient is not contactable, drivers are advised to wait at the dropoff point for at least ten minutes and try to contact the recipient at least twice before contacting the user to notify them of the absence of the recipient.

If the recipient is still unreachable after ten minutes, drivers are allowed to leave items at the dropoff point to complete the delivery unless the sender and driver agree on returning items to the sender at the sender’s cost. If the sender wants to request a return trip, Ryde recommends that he or she pay additional fees to compensate for the return cost, which should be 75% of the delivery fees.

Who Can Accept RydeSEND Jobs?

All approved Ryde drivers (Carpool, Private-Hire and Taxi) are eligible to take RydeSEND trips upon the completion of a SGD100 refundable deposit.

This deposit of $100 is a safeguard to protect drivers from risk of any damage to or loss of items caused during delivery. If the sender’s claim for compensation meets the conditions specified in our Terms of Use, the amount of compensation determined by Ryde (Up to $100) will be deducted from your deposit.

Upon request, the deposit will be refunded back to your registered credit card within 30 (thirty) days. Please note that a 5% processing fee will be charged for the transaction.

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